A little history on Quick 56

Quick 56 was loosely formed in 2013 with original members Jake Salter (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Joe Martinetti (bass/vocals) – both formerly of the original melodic hardcore genre band Undying Solace (2007-2009). After building a cover song list and coming up with the band name “Quick 56”, the duo struggled to find pieces to fill the remaining vacancies in the band after several attempts at finding a lead guitar player, drummer, and lead singer.After a 2 year hiatus, Quick 56 was reformed by Jake in 2015 with Nick Wood (lead guitar/vocals – formerly of the rock cover band project Self-Indulged) and Derek Tuel (drums – formerly of the Irish/Folk rock band The Sons Of James). Joe rejoined the band in October 2016. With Nick splitting the majority of the lead vocals with Jake, the need for an exclusive singer was scrapped and the band hit the ground running.

It is with sadness that we annouce Derek is no longer with band, due to work relocation. We wish him and his family all the best and nothing but great things for their future. Thanks for all the great fun, laughter, and music. You will be missed!

Quick 56 brings gratuitous amounts of energy to shows and continues to look for new songs to play. Check out the Events page to find out where they’re playing next or visit the Bookings page for contact information!

Jake Salter - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Originally from Adrian, MN, he has been in several bands since the early 2000’s, notably including: Push (cover band lead singer), Undying Solace (original band - writer, lead singer), The Sons of James (Irish/Folk rock cover band, rhythm guitar/lead singer) and Self-Indulged (cover band lead singer). He has also written and recorded several original rock/acoustic solo pieces in the past years.

Jake has been performing musically in some way, shape or form since he was 10 years old. His musical influences are a broad spectrum of 80’s and 90’s rock, alt rock and pop, but most impactful to him as a kid growing up in the 90’s: Green Day (and his dad).

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